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How to connect the X-UFO`s radiocontroller to PC?

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X-UFO is a very sweet toy, so due to the high price it would be too much to be regretted to let gravity win against our lovely UFO right at the first fly. Beginner aliens can easily hit the ground, and unfortunately the manufacturer hadn't provided for the optional interface between the remote control and a UFO simulator software what one could get the routine of flying by to avoid the mass destruction in the garden, or even the living room. There is a 3.5mm jack connector on the remote unit, but it is designed only for an other remote especially for traning reasons. If we push trainer button, there is only a logical "0" sign on the output. It means that for training we need a remote unit working on exactly the same frequency as the beginners one, and the output -I mentioned above- is only for switching between two remotes.

For this reason I had to make some changes to make it able to be attached to the FMS simulator. If you want to practice using simulator, grasp your favourite screwdriver and after removing all the batteries take the remote to pieces! After removing every screws, two side of the box must be slightly pushed to release small fastenings.

At the bottom of the box there is a pcb. At its left corner, there is a point signed P65, located at the left of the XTAL. Here you can find a small piece of undressed wire. This is the point where the PPM signal runs into the transmitter unit. Use a thin twin-cable. In this example solder the brown wire to P65, this is the sign, and the grey wire to the negative part of the battery, this is the ground. Bind the wire forward near SW9 parallel with its cables, and let it out through the small hole next to the holder and put the box together. (If you can't find the orphan small wire coming out of the P65 on the pcb, than you should lift the board up, and solder the wire to the tared all-around-feeted processor-brains P65 point.) You can put a connector to the external end of the wire, whatever you want, for example a clipped one, simple mother jack, or RCA. For the other side, you should create the printer port cable as well.

The parallel port joystick driver, and the FMS simulator is available at http://www.spmodell.hu/repletoltesek.htm

There is an X-UFO modell file for FMS, or a similar four propellered terrible one.


No matter what you read here, do everithing at your own risk! Even if it is working fine, I can't take responsibility for any kind of damage or additional expenses.

In my experiences the following settings were working fine:

WIN2000-Control Panel-Paralel Port Joysticks-LPT1: PPM Radio Control tx Joystick 1-Mapping-Modify the mapping this controller,Next:

FMS-Controls-Analog Control-Joystick interface-Mapping/Calibration:

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